The digital marketing option prepares a student for a career of great potential. Digital marketing is a growing field can provide many opportunities to students who study this program.  Every business uses marketing to reach their consumers, much of this is done digitally. Students learn the digital marketing environment and key elements involved in strategizing and designing a digital marketing plan.

General Education Courses

  • Effective Oral Communications
  • Macro and Microeconomics
  • Writing and Research
  • Writing for Business
  • Mathematics – College and Financial Applications
  • General and Social Psychology
  • Intro to Sociology and Social Problems

Core Business Courses

  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Computer Applications I
  • Computer Applications II
  • Management – Principles and Skills
  • Marketing Principles

Option Specific Courses

  • The Digital Marketing Landscape: Media Planning, Consumer Behavior, and Branding
  • Exploring Data Analytics for Digital Media
  • Digital Marketing: Content and Strategy Development