David Conklin

David Conklin

Message from the President

Jamestown Business College has a philosophy that students come first.  I am pleased that you are reading this and are interested in JBC.  I encourage you to browse through our site, or better yet, come in for a visit.

I am confident in saying that your decision to include Jamestown Business College in your options for higher education is a good one.  Should you choose to attend JBC, I believe your experience here will benefit you, your career, and your future, just as it has for the thousands of JBC alumni in the workforce today.

As the President, I also believe that you will receive a quality education and that your efforts will be supported by our talented faculty and staff.  At JBC, your success is our success.

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to educate and empower students to enter the workplace with the knowledge and professional skills necessary to be successful in business, to advance their education, and to participate fully in our community and society.”

The Historical Mission of the College

When Jamestown Business College was founded in 1886, its charter called for the “establishment of a school designed to qualify young men and women for office requirements at low cost to those whose inclinations and ambitions lead them to business pursuits.” The college’s mission remains fundamentally the same today.

The college fulfills this mission by offering degree and non-degree programs that develop professional competencies for business careers and provide a general education to contribute to the intellectual and emotional growth of each student. The various programs meet student needs and the demands of the area community. The measure of the college’s success will be evidenced by the success of its graduates in finding relevant employment; by the partnerships the college has forged with the business community; and by the opportunities available to students interested in pursuing additional education.

Jamestown Business College is dedicated to the belief that its programs should prepare students not only to enter the workforce but also to take part fully in today’s society. The college offers general education courses to assist students to think logically and critically, to improve their communications skills, to achieve self-knowledge, to work cooperatively in teams, and to develop an appreciation of life-long learning. All of these are essential skills for graduates to possess in our rapidly changing society and increasingly complex workplace.

All students are encouraged by the faculty and staff to achieve their academic and personal potential. To accomplish this, the college provides a supportive environment in which students have access to a range of academic, personal, and career services. It is also important to the college that its student body represents all segments of the diverse community that it serves, adding richness and strength to the teaching and learning process.

Board of Trustees

The Jamestown Business College Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall effectiveness of the college. The board determines and periodically reviews the purpose and mission of the college and the quality of the program offerings.


Douglas Schutte

ChFC, Manager, Summit Wealth Management, LLC

Barbara L. Widrig

Deputy County Attorney, Chautauqua County, Department of Social Services

Debra M. Wright

Practice Administrator, Seneca Eye Surgeons

Terry H. Turner

Corporate Secretary, Matric Limited

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