Students at JBC are equipped with the hard and soft skill training that employers want. At both the Associate and Bachelor degree level, students are working to fine-tune the skills that will help them succeed both professionally and personally.

From your first day in the classroom to your first day on the job – JBC is dedicated to student success!

Successful U.

Personal Accountability • Problem Solving • Conflict Management • Self-care

The Successful U. program is JBC’s professional development program for first year Associate degree students. The goal of Successful U. is to provide first year students with professional development training that will help them be successful in their personal and professional lives.

Successful U. training topics include personal accountability, problem solving and conflict management, and self-care.


Etiquette • Dress • Goals • Ethics

The EDGE program is JBC’s professional development for second year Associate degree students. The goal of the EDGE program is to provide students with the soft skills needed to excel in a professional environment. The EDGE program combines the academic skills learned in the classroom with the personal and professional skills needed to become a well-rounded and productive employee. EDGE training topics include etiquette, networking, résumé building, and social media management.


Leadership • Effectiveness • Accountability • Diversity

The LEAD program is JBC’s professional development component for the Bachelor degree program. A complement to the college’s EDGE program, LEAD aims to equip students with the professional and managerial etiquette to succeed in leadership roles. LEAD training topics include, leadership, ethics, and diversity.

Résumé Referral Services for Students and Alumni

JBC is dedicated to preparing students for successful entrance in the workforce, and this mission is carried out even after graduation. JBC’s Career Development staff helps you with your employment search and works with area employers and staffing agencies year-round to create and maintain a résumé referral network. Do you need assistance?

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    Résumé Referral

    Do you want to learn more about our résumé referral services at JBC? Contact our Career Development Office.