This program prepares students for a wide range of advanced professional options in the business arena. The program focuses on the implementation of strategic business practices, the role of ethics in the workplace, decision-making strategy, and a knowledge of global business practice. The advanced business administration curriculum includes courses in operations management, critical thinking, human resources, business ethics, organizational behavior, and project management.

List of Courses

  • BUS373 Human Resources and Business Ethics
  • BUS374 Legal Environment of Business
  • BUS475 Business Policy and Strategy
  • BUS476 Global Business Perspectives
  • ECO343 Current Economic Problems
  • ENG353 Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • FIN303 Foundations of Finance
  • IT333 Management Information Systems
  • MA343 Statistical Applications in Business
  • MGT363 Operations Management
  • MGT464 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT465 Entrepreneurship
  • MGT466 Project Management
  • SOC343 American Society and Public Policy